The secret is announced, total body transformation for 4 minutes.

It is not a miracle, you will not lose weight only by sitting 4 minutes. We are showing you exercises that take only 4 minutes, and you will lose weight, actually you are going to transform your body. This is kind of exercise that takes 4 minutes and you shall repeat it 28 days.

One example is a man that is doing this exercise already 20 days, and he started t notice some different.

‘’ Mind you, I’m not expecting to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger by the time I’m done with this exercise, but I certainly am noticing a difference compared to the only form of exercise I was doing before this, which was cycling.’’

This is called Plank Challenge, works you with just 20-45 seconds of planking per day during the first week, all the way up to 3-4 minutes by week 4.


28-days Plank Challenge

Day 1: 20 seconds
Day 2: 20 seconds
Day 3: 30 seconds
Day 4:  30 seconds
Day 5:  40 seconds
Day 6:  rest
Day 7:  45 seconds
Day 8:  45 seconds
Day 9:  60 seconds
Day 10:  60 seconds
Day 11:  60 seconds
Day 12:  90 seconds
Day 13:  rest
Day 14:  90 seconds
Day 15:  90 seconds
Day 16:  120 seconds
Day 17:  120 seconds
Day 18:  150 seconds
Day 19:  rest
Day 20:  150 seconds
Day 21:  150 seconds
Day 22:  180 seconds
Day 23:  180 seconds
Day 24:  210 seconds
Day 25:  rest
Day 26:  210 seconds
Day 27:  240 seconds
Day 28:  longest you can

This exercise is really demanding, which can be felt within the first twenty seconds. If you desire to work only on specific parts of the body, you should do different kinds of challenges, on the similar principle, but practicing other exercises.

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