When we are talking about weight loss everyone is hearing, but when we are talking that  we need to exercise, everyone will move their way.

In our life we use every part of our body. If you are exercising only 10 minutes you won’t be exhausted, because you are working 10 minutes, but you are not noticing.

This is happening because we are paying attention on the weight loss, instead of building muscles.

Only practicing cardio is not enough to lose weight around your stomach. You need to train certain exercises for your stomach and make those muscles.

In addition we are going to present you several exercises which are done in 10 minutes, but will provide you losing weight and making muscles in the same time.

  1. The crunch

This presents one of the most practiced exercises, because it is really effective.

Butterfly crunch

In order to make this exercise, you need to lie on your back and pull up your knees. Keep the feet bottoms on the floor.

Start tightening your abs and raise upper torso area away from the floor. Hold posture for a second then return to initial position. You need to wait approximately 3 seconds. In case you are doing the exercise right, you need to feel flexing and tightening.

  1. The plank

This is the challenge that shakes the world. Every country had its own competition.

Lie on the stomach and place elbows on ground and forearms in front of you. Flex your abs and lift from the floor. You’ll want only your toes and forearms to touch the ground. Hold for as long as possible.

Front plank

You need to keep your body straight for 20-30 seconds.

Begin exercise with one elbow, and then turn body to the side. Face hips towards floor, while doing it.

  1. Scissors

No matter that this is complex exercise; if you use it you will know it.

Lie flat on your back and put hands behind your head. Contract abs, raise left knee and touch right elbow with it. Switch sides and repeat.

You need to make 10-15 repetition on each side.

  1. The routine

This is the last exercise, which forces you to make all the exercises in one take. This exercise is 90 seconds and that rest of 30 seconds.

In case you need longer breaks, take them. As time passes you won’t need them as much, but is important to stay safe from injuries and lose weight naturally.


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