A lot of people in the world are struggling with very difficult and serious problems. Also, dozens of people used ginger to cure the same, the most dangerous diseases.

Ginger is great spice, with delicious taste; it is also used for curing a lot of disease. In the past, before the technology develops, ginger was the spice which was called universal, because it was consumed for every kind of disease.

According to the Journal of Toxicology and Food Chemistry, ginger contains two substances, known as  gingerols and paradoles, which help the prevention of cancer. Yet, scientists have shown that than conventional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy.

In 2003 there was a scientist which proved that ginger prevented colorectal cancer successfully.

In 2015 people proved that ginger kill colon cancer cells too.

Last researches have proven that ovarian cancer can be cured with ginger.

One experiment of a scientist from the University of Michigan conducted at the American Association for Cancer Research showed that ginger effectively destroys cancer cells and is even a better alternative than chemotherapy, as the cancer cells in the ovaries do not develop resistance to it.

Last researches proved that ginger will cure prostate cancer. The recommended dose of ginger is 100 mg per day.

The expert’s claim that ginger will reduces the growth of tumor for 58%.

The conclusion was that it was the first report that offered a detailed explanation of the anti-carcinogenic activity “in vivo” or “in vitro” of the ginger extract in the therapeutic management of prostate cancer in humans.

Researchers also confirmed that it is more effective than chemotherapy, as it does not affect the healthy body cells. Furthermore, they have proved that ginger provides the same effects in the case of ovarian cancer as well.

A lot of studies and experts claim that ginger is powerful spice which will cure different types of cancer.

The best think of all is that ginger won’t cause any side effects you need to be sure, because it is natural remedy.

The recommended daily amount of ginger is anything up to 4 grams, while pregnant women should not take more than 1mg daily.

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