For proper function of your liver, you need to drink this remedy. In addition we are going to present you one drink which will make your life healthy, and you will recommend this to everyone.The unhealthy habits are increasing in our way of life, so we need to do something which will help you to change the unhealthy lifestyle. It will protect your liver, boos it and make it eliminate the toxins faster.
This drink is called detoxification drink.
It will cleanse your organism, especially your liver.
In case the liver is damaged, it is very hard to notice that, because the symptoms are covered very well. So you will heal your liver only with detox drinks. In addition we are going to present you the best:
Ingredients needed:
 Orange juice
 Lemon juice
 Organic honey
 A fistful of fresh mint leaves
 One liter of purified water
Pour the water in a pot and place the pot on heat to boil. Add the mint leaves and let them boil in the water for about five minutes. Five minutes later, remove the pot from heat and leave it aside for several minutes to cool. Next, add the orange and lemon juice to the mixture and the grated lemon peel. In the end, sweeten the mixture with some honey.
Drink this mixture while it is hot or drink it cold, as you wish. The most important thing is that it will cleanse your liver and it will improve your digestive system.

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