Lot of years before was a story fr which the word went around. There were a lot of epidemic, hunger and diseases for the human rise. People destroy everything of them, right arer the were destroyed.

In addition we are going o present you da plaque nowadays and it is called Mountain Dew. This drink is consumed by everyone everywhere.

This is invented from Barney and Ally Hartman in 1940. This was sold shoulder in shoulder with Pepsi and Coca-Cola, and this drink was cold the Green Master.

The same as Coca-Cola you will have to consider in question the negative sides of this drink. In addition we are going to present you 6 reasons to stop consuming the green master.

  1. It is more acidic than you can image

This will make your body full with acids.. You need to consume drinks and eat foods only which will make your body alkaline. It has a pH level 1. This is on the lowest list and has the maximum acid form.

  1. Mountain Dew can destroy your Reproductive System

Have you ever heard that mountain dew will destroy and make some kind of complications with your reproductive system

  • Reproductive system cancers
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Changes in the beta cells in pancreas
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  1. Misleading advertisement

Behind every successful product there is a great marketing catchphrase that encourages people to buy it. Mountain Dew’s is that it is the “Game Fuel”. M&M’s is that it “melts in your mouth…..” and Red Bull’s is that it gives “you wings”.

Everyday a lot of people are going crazy for this drink, but they don’t know this.

  1. How Pepsi came to Acknowledge this

You all may think this is just an invention. We are going to prove you. We don’t lie.

Ronald Ball, in 2012, found something jelly like (tasting rancid) in his Mountain Dew. He poured out the content and found something that looked like dissolving mouse!

He sued Pepsi Co and provided this proof. The company responded saying that the mouse had ‘dissolved’ in the bottling-consumption period, which turned it into the jelly-like thing.

  1. Use of GMO products

In case you still think that this drink is safe you will have to see this. They use GMO products in order to make the sale bigger.

Every Mountain Dew contains:

  • GMO corn and soy
  • Sodium benzoate (it is a preservative that reacts strongly against vitamin C in Dew and creates carcinogens)
  • BVO (this is banned in EU and Japan)
  • BPA
  • Yellow dye (produced from coal tar)

With all this ingredients you will know that this is no longer safe to consume. You need to find new favorite drink.

But make sure next time you choose the right one.

  1. Long term impact of Mountain Dew

Most of us don’t know about this silent killer, but different chronic diseases including cancers and obesity are killing so many people.

The concerning thing is that Mountain Dew doesn’t kill you directly. It builds those diseases over time, leading to death. It is not that it is just another soda.

It is a combination of harmful chemicals that should have remained in the lab and been never used commercially!

You can’t make a deal with this kind of thing. You need to stop consuming right now, from this moment.

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