The mother and her grandmother have died from breast cancer and that was on early age, 17 and 36 years old.Also, the sisters of the grandmother of this woman died on early ages.

The woman that we are talking about is Annette Larkins. She has a perfect health condition and has never take an aspirin in her whole life.  She lives with the pills of natural medicine and her motto in life is:

‘’ let food be thy medicine and medicine be the food.’’

She  is growing different fruits and vegetables in her yard. She even collects rainwater and produces homemade juices of the fruits, herbs and vegetables she grows.

Her most famous homemade specialties is wheatgrass, and it’s made from homegrown ingredients.

She is one of few people which consume only raw fruits and vegetables.

In addition you will be able to take a look on the video in which she is giving interview.

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