NO Dental Implants!!! Grow Your Own Teeth In Just 9 Weeks!!!

Many people due to eating habits, smoking, genetics and other causes lose their teeth at young age. They usually turn to dental implants to fill in the gap.  But what if we told you, you can grow your own teeth back in just 9 weeks?

It seems interesting, doesn’t it?

According to the experts in the dental field, there has been a really incredible development in the technology of dental implants that goes far beyond the classic implants and denture. Well, these discoveries and developments will give us the chance to grow new and genuine teeth in oral cavity.

Dr. Jeremy Mao of Columbia University was the lead investigator of this research and he built a scaffold for teeth, containing these stem cells in the body. He actually helped new teeth regeneration, with just using their DNA.

According to this modern technology there is a bright future for dental care, without dental implants.

The dental implants are very useful, but they can cause some real problems. Many people can`t get use to the implants, they have problems with their gums and other issues.

Here are the most common dental implant complications:

  • may be rejected by the body
  • cost a lot of money
  • It may cause infection and then you need to remove the dental implant
  • If the dentist doesn’t have much experience with this, he can damage your gum
  • The dental implant could not connect with the jawbone in a good way

You can avoid the painful and long process of extracting the teeth. You just need to read this article.

Modern technology gives you the opportunity to grow your teeth in just nine weeks. The device has to be placed and accepted by the body. The best thing about this implant method is that it uses good materials to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

The most important part is that your missing tooth is not replaced with dental implants but with stem cells, from your own body.

Your tooth merges with the surrounding tissue. This will increase the regeneration process and it will result in fast recovery.

However there is a bad thing. This procedure is not yet available for all the people in the world. It’s still in researching process and it is pending approval from the medical authorities. For the last few decades there have been many improvements of the dental implants, and they all promise a more natural and healthy replacement for our missing teeth. They all require less recovery time and the chances of being rejected are very small.We hope you find this post interesting and you share it to spread the information. In hope that this medical treatment will come soon and replace the dental implants. Thank You.

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