Solve Kidney Stones With This Drink!!!

Kidney stones appear no matter the age. They are painful and harmful for the entire body, but fortunately there are natural ways you can use in order to solve the problem.

Symptom that may be caused by kidney stones is pain that suddenly appear in the lower back area. The stone may be stuck in the urethra and cause great pain, difficult and painful urination and increased body temperature.

Here is a natural beverage for overcoming kidney stones

You need:

  • dried figs
  • lemonade(freshly squeezed)
  • boiling water


Wash the dried figs well and chop them into small pieces. Then place them in a glass of lemonade and leave soaked throughout the night. The next day pour 1 dl of boiling water over the mixture and let it soak for a while.

Drink it on an empty stomach. Repeat the procedure from seven to ten days.

After that period, the urine should be with dark color, which is a sign that the stone has began to melt. The urine gets dark color because it contains trace amounts of sludge.

If you have kidney stones you should not consume sugar, it is good to consume foods rich in magnesium such as bananas, soy, rice and tofu cheese.

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